Mental Health

The Hypatia Collection exhibits a variety of materials related to the topic of Mental Health, ranging from sources discussing specific mental health issues to published works aimed at health professionals.

The 'Health' section of the collection contains a number of texts written for the medical profession in dealing with mental health. For example, there are many guides written for nurses providing information to aid them in passing examinations but also offering methods of dealing with mental health and creating a relationship with their patients.

The collection also holds a plethora of sources related to specific mental health conditions, written by both sufferers and medical professionals, including pieces on post-natal depression, children with mental health conditions and multiple works on anorexia, such as Marilyn Lawrence's The Anorexic Experience.

In addition to more in-depth accounts of mental health conditions, you can find broader discussions of mental health in the collection. These include mental health discourse examined within multiple frameworks such as the state of mental health, the family, alternative treatments and the female body. Alongside these exist in-depth psychological studies of women, including The Feminine Mind and Body, The Psychology of Women and In a different voice: psychological theory and women's development.


 Angharad Burden